Developed by LA-based celebrity trainer, Sebastien Lagree, The Lagree Fitness Method is the most innovative and effective approach to full body conditioning in fitness! Always challenging and incredibly addictive!

“If it’s not shaking, it’s not working,” a mantra made famous by Sebastien Lagree, founder of Lagree Fitness. The French-born fitness guru has packed studios worldwide with devotees addicted to the “shake”.

The method that has transformed Hollywood’s hottest bodies (I.e. Sofia Vergara!) Incorporates strength, resistance, flexibility & cardio training not only in every class, but in every move. Working over 600 muscles per session, The Lagree Method utilizes the revolutionary Megaformer™and is specifically designed to strengthen the core, burn fat, build long lean muscle (without bulk), improve endurance, flexibility and jump-start your metabolism. While we emphasize slow, controlled movement for maximum muscle recruitment, we strive for little to no rest between moves to keep the heart rate elevated. We are not here to stretch, we are here to BURN! 

The Megaformer™M3S along with the Lagree Training method is the future of Fitness. There is nothing quite like it and you will be amazed at how fast the method and machine transform your body. Regardless of your current fitness level, age or body type, this low-impact heart-pumping workout promises to keep the sweat coming while delivering a long, lean and strong physique as you BURN BABY BURN (up to 800 calories) during and after every class! You will leave sweating, shaking and craving more! Come see for yourself how amazing and life changing this workout is.  

With Sebastien Lagree's ground breaking invention, The Megaformer™, a system of resistance and counter resistance is used to place muscles under constant tension and work them to failure point, a key to the method’s delivery of swift results. The machine features various handles, straps and accessories. The Megaformer™ and The Lagree Fitness Method provide a dynamic platform for our instructors to continuously create new and unique workout experiences, constantly evolving and challenging our clients in new ways.

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The future of fitness is here!


megaBURN  — Expect 45 minutes of muscle quivering, dynamic, high-intensity training on the M3S Megaformer optimizing results in the shortest possible timeframe. Think slow-controlled movements yet fast transitions from one exercise to the next as you strengthen, lengthen, tone and BURN. Tread socks are required for this class.

ulimateBURN*  — Get ready to transform your body! During our signature 50-minute utimateBURN class you will not enjoy the best of both worlds, you will maximize your time with this heart-pumping, low impact, head to toe workout on the Megaformer and the bike. This body sculpting, cardio intensive hybrid class is designed to burn fat, not time.  Get it done, all in under an hour. 

*Please remember to bring tread socks and spin shoes, both are required to attend this class.