Our intimate stadium style indoor cycling studio features state-of-the-art Schwinn CarbonBlue technology assuring a comfortable ride while you focus on increasing your performance, strength, and most importantly... have fun! Even better than our exceptional equipment is the atmosphere! Expect great sound, video and lighting to create a motivating and inspirational environment!  

For those of you seeking a little extra self-motivation, or maybe even a little "friendly" competition with your fellow riding buddy, each bike is equipped with Schwinn's newest MPower Echelon2 Console and PerformanceIQ allowing you to track your watts, RPMS and colories burned. Monitor your progress from your account on our website, share socially or simply save the results to track your own progress and challenge yourself to a new PR.

Whether your goal is to lose yourself in the music or to track every detail of your effort, we offer something for everyone to help attain your goals and leave you happy and energized.  



cyleBURN — Our 45 minute full-body workout that incorporates light hand weights and core exercises along with a high intensity indoor cycling workout. We hope you just let all your worries go and just ride. 

powerBURN — Come experience our 50 minutes of musically driven indoor cycling intensity.  Our powerBURN ride combines climbing, sprinting, endurance and interval training with our video leader board enabling you to track your wattage, RPM and total energy during the ride--and over time.  This class is well suited to both outdoor cyclists as well the fitness enthusiast, and participation on the leader board is optional.

ultimateBURN*  — Get ready to transform your body! Our signature 50-minute ultimateBURN class you will not enjoy the best of both worlds, you will maximize your time with this high intensity, low impact, head to toe workout on the Megaformer and the bike. This body sculpting, cardio intensive hybrid class is designed to burn fat, not time.  Get it done, all in under an hour.

*Please remember to bring tread socks and spin shoes for this class, both are required.